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Pickle & Spice Pink Himalayan Salt & Organic Pepper Re-fill 200g Per Unit

Pickle & Spice Pink Himalayan Salt & Organic Pepper Re-fill 200g Per Unit

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- Our salt & pepper refill's are hand packed, labeled, and delivered by Aussie workers, for Aussie families.

- Core Organics is 100% Australian Owned & Operated

Product Overview

Core Organics Salt & Pepper grinders are an excellent addition to any store, cafe, resturant or home dining room table. This is a dynamic combination of ancient pink Himalayan rock salt, and the best quality Indian organic whole black peppercorns.

Salt & Peppercorn Re-fills

Core Organics branded retail grinder re-fills are currently available in a 200g zip-lock pouch. The packaging is simple and neat which helps save on packaging cost, allowing you to provide your customers with a high quality product at an affordable price. Our zip-lock re-fill packets allow customers to simply unzip, re-fill, and re-zip, keeping everything fresh for as long as possible. This product is best suited to fr-fill out Pink Himalayan salt & organic Peppercorn grinders. Click here to see our Salt & Pepper grinders. Our packaging is transparent allowing your customers to really see what they are getting and filled right to the top which makes them great value. Our Core Organics range is based on a strong but simple design, our signature Orange labeling is unmissable in any situation, this theme is carried across our entire range, creating a uniform design for stores carrying multiple Core Organics retail products.

Need something bigger? Our friendly staff are always avaliable to assist you and your business, whether you need 10 or 1000 units we can help. Large volume orders email us at of call us on (03) 9770 8604

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