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Pickle & Spice Granular Pink Himalayan Salt 25kg Per Bag

Pickle & Spice Granular Pink Himalayan Salt 25kg Per Bag

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- Our retail packets of Pink Salt are hand packed, labeled, and delivered by Aussie workers, for Aussie families.

- Core Organics is 100% Australian Owned & Operated

Product Overview

- What is pink Himalayan salt, and how is it made?

Pink Himalayan salt is mined from the salt deposits left from dried up sea water millions of years ago. Majority of the salt is mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan, however the Himilayan mountain range spans over 2400km's covering land in not only Pakistan but Nepal, India, China, Afghanistan, and Bhutan. Pink salt contains a high amount of minerals and is a fantastic alternative to conventional salt.

Our customers are purchasing pink salt for a variety of uses, from its unique flavour and great mineral content for cooking supply to use in bath products such as bath bombs & salt shower scrubs.

250g, 600g, 1kg Retail Packs

Core Organics branded retail packs are currently available in a 250g, 600g & 1kg stand-up, zip-lock, pouch. The retail pack is simple and neat which helps us save on packaging costs, allowing you to provide your customers with a high quality product at an affordable price. The stand-up pouches are a great alternative to a hanging rack, our pouches stand up anywhere, from counter tops to refrigerator shelves. The zip-lock allows customers to simply unzip, use, and re-zip, keeping everything fresh for as long as possible. The front panel of our packs are transparent allowing your customers to really see what they are getting. Our Core Organics range is based on a strong but simple design, our signature Orange labeling is unmissable in any situation, and is carried across our entire range, creating a uniform design for stores carrying multiple Core Organics retail products.

Bulk Bag's

Bulk bags are great way to reduce packaging, save money for your store as well as your customers. Bulk bags are ideal for 'Scoop your own' type stores, as well as bakerys, cooking classes and manufacturing businesses. NOTE: Our bulk product may have minimal labeling and is not intended for retail sale.

Need something bigger? Our friendly staff are always avaliable to assist you and your business, whether you need 10kg or 1000kg we can help. If you are interested in large volume orders, please email us at or call us on (03) 9770 8604.

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