10 Health Benefits of Ghee

10 Health Benefits of Ghee

1. A high smoke point

This is something that gets ignored when thinking about different foods. When oil-rich foods boil, they tend to break down into free radicals, which can be harmful to you. Ghee has this part covered. Also, you can expose it to temperatures of up to 250 degrees without causing the breakdown to happen. A property like this makes ghee the ideal cooking ingredient. Due to this, it's versatile, and you can mix it with about everything.


2. It does not spoil

Many times, our health gets damaged when we ingest a spoiled food. Having a non-existent expiry rate is a health benefit. It is so because you don't have to worry about damaging your health. Ghee is right up there in the heavyweight category when it comes to that. Some ghee mixtures can last over a hundred years and still be fresh and ready for use. It's also a significant money saver. This way you can get yourself some ghee and never worry about getting it stale.


3. It does not affect people with dairy intolerance

Dairy and lactose intolerance is a big problem for some people. It prevents them from enjoying the wonders of some dishes. Because ghee is devoid of all milk solids, it doesn't trigger any side effects! Yes, it has been scientifically proven and tested many times. The science behind this states that casein and whey don't interfere with dairy intolerance. Milk solids are the ones to blame for it, and this is good news. Ghee allows many people with this problem to enjoy dishes to the fullest. It gives you a healthy and enjoyable eating experience.


4. Lots of K2 and CLA

K2 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) are powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants work to enhance body movement. First of all, they have very noticeable anti-viral properties. Also, it can aid your body in battling any disease. The best thing is that ghee is so unnoticeable that you won't even notice putting it in your diet. But it will still do its work. In most cuisines, there aren't many foods that are both tasty and beneficial at the same time. This Indian culinary jewel can turn your diet and life around in a matter of days.


5. Full of vitamins A and E

Vitamin A is sometimes called the king of vitamins. It is because we depend on it so much and it has an important place in our daily lives. It helps to promote growth and keep our vision sharp. A lack of it can spell doom for the immune system. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. It protects our body and removes the risk of getting attacked by free radicals. Some studies say it also slows down aging. Ghee is abundant with both of the vitamins. Together, it becomes a one-two punch that you shouldn't hesitate trying!


6. It's a healthy alternative to oil

Because ghee contains medium chain fatty acids, it can cheat your body into absorbing those acids as carbs. Given the size of the chains, the liver may register some fatty acids as carbohydrates and use them as energy. This is why ghee is becoming a favorite amongst professional athletes and people of all walks of life. By replacing oil with ghee while preparing your breakfast, you can get an extra boost of energy. It's also instant energy, which may be especially useful during those unbearable mornings before work.


7. It promotes weight loss

The medium chain fatty acids we've mentioned before have another role aside from turning into energy. When they become a source of energy, your body can use them to burn others fats in the system. It's the same principle used when applying weight loss supplements to your body. Energy has a priority of taking care of excess fat. This makes ghee an ideal choice for everyone. Most people avoid butter because it can interfere with their diet. Ghee doesn't have such disadvantages, as it can only aid you in achieving your goals.


8. Help when it comes to digestion

Butyric acid is a substance that is crucial for maintaining a healthy digestive tract. It gives your body energy to convert food into nutrients and also makes the intestinal walls stronger and more durable. Your body can convert fibers into butyric acid on its own, but sometimes it's not enough. Ghee to rescue! It contains enormous amounts of butyric acid naturally and can be used to combat digestive problems of all kinds. More and more doctors advise their patients to add ghee to their diet to fix some nagging problems.


9. An enemy of every cancer and inflammation

Ghee has a way combating every serious problem in the human body. For centuries now, Indian physicians have been using ghee enemas. The butyric acid truly does wonders when a part of the body is suffering from inflammation. The same goes with cancer. Many studies have shown tumor regression in rats who have been given ghee and butyrate supplements. Doctors even use ghee-derived medication to battle bowel cancer and Crohn's disease. More and more different ghee-based meds are arriving. It looks like the future is bright.


10. An appetite boost

Ghee does an enormous amount of work in the body. It gives gastric acid a warming sensation, urging the esophagus to create more and more. A lot of gastric acid means faster and more efficient digestion. That also, in turn, means that your body won't waste any nutrients and will absorb food particles better every day. That better digestion means your body will crave food more. You can add ghee to small food portions or use it an aid when preparing it. All in all, a healthy appetite means a better eating regime and a better metabolism. It results in weight loss, too.



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